Faucet is a smalll art containing huge inspiration inside. We are pursuing technology to push faucets to bemore and more convenient, eco friendly and multi-functional for people.From the history of stainless steel faucets, you will find Nokite always leading in the industry. 

Appearance and experience

All of our products are designed and developed to give the users a unique and comfortable experience, while complementing the interior of your home.  Whether you choose our products for your kitchen or wash and bath areas , we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.


Many designs, multiple features

Nokite was the first to introduce stainless steel faucets in China, back in 2000. We have over 200 patented designs for faucets from which you can choose.


Wide swiveling range

Nokite offers wide swiveling faucet, which have a spout with 360 degree swiveling range that allows it to cover a large portion of the sink.


Spray or stream

Our products also have a highly useful spray function, and come with an ultra flexible hose, which allows you to spray water on any corner of the work top. Our faucets come with both stream as well as rinse functions. You can change the mode of the faucet from stream to spray with a simple push of a button. Using our products is that simple!


Pull out spray heads

Nokite faucets also come with a smooth pull out/down system to allow easy operation.  Once you release the head, it will smoothly go back into the docked position.


Temperature and flow control

Our faucet design allows you to easily adjust the flow and the temperature of water.  The handle can be moved either ways to let water out in a user and eco-friendly manner, by preventing gushing of water from the faucet.  You can also adjust the handle to get cold and hot water, or a mix of both, made possible through a Kerox ceramic cartridge.


Leakage free

Our faucets are designed to ensure that not even a single drop of water leaks through when the faucet is shut.  This is made possible with the help of high quality joint casting  and the use of quality components designed and patented by Nokite.  Our products also undergo solid welding and all-in-one polishing that gives them a seamless appearance.


Secured instant hot water

Another impressive feature of our Nokite 3-in-1 faucet is the secure instant hot water, which ensures that you can get hot water instantly from the faucet.  For safety, we have separate systems for regular and instant hot water.  The faucets also come with a secure knob, which prevents children from turning on the instant hot water.

Durable and stylish faucets

Nokite is one of the pioneers in faucet manufacturing in China.  As the industry leader, we design and manufacture products that are of the highest quality through our strict quality processes.  We are committed to offering luxury stainless steel faucets that can be installed in just a few minutes, even by those with little or no knowledge of plumbing.